1st Grade metal Skeleton Half Body Sex Doll For Men

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✔️ Height:30 cm
✔️ Length: 21 cm
✔️ Width: 13 cm
✔️ Waistline:27 cm
✔️ Bust:42 cm
✔️ Weight: 3.5 kg

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✅Rs.2099/- Advance Only Ship Cash On Delivery|
✅ The torso doll Everleigh is a new half-length sex doll launched by Qita brand.
✅ Its skin color is the same as the photo. The vagina is one-piece.|
✅ It has two holes for vagina and anus for sexual intercourse. It has a heating function.
✅ The vagina is heated by an external power supply. After adding lubricating fluid , You can enjoy close to real vaginal sex.
✅This torso doll has no skeleton and no accessories.