A5 Premium Automatic Sex Machine and Remote Controlled For Couple

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✔️Sex Machine Mechanical Information


✔️Product function: remote control telescopic

✔️Electrical Output: 24V DC 3A

✔️Motor Type: Turbo Gear Motor, Continuous Duty

✔️ Stroke Length: 3 to 9 cmpower: 70w

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✅ Enjoy one of the better-built Sex Machines for Couples or Single Play.
70W power Middle-level Sex Machine, Quiet stable, Remote Control Love machine with Attachements.
You’ll never leave the house when you have your very own Sex Machine !
✅ As seen in hundreds of adult movies, this is the classic, Balanced stable design that gives you the power, the angles, and the stimulation that your adventurous sex life demands. So hop on it!
Classic Tried -&-True Straddle Design !
The love machine comes with several attachments, and all these accessories can be separated from the machine for single-use.
✅ There always have the best choice for you!
Sex Machines are an incredible way to experience the best sexual pleasure and orgasms!
Whether you are awoman or a man, our sex Machines will give you the orgasms you’ve been looking for!
Thrusting sex machines are easy to use. You can pretty much just lie back and let the machine do all the work while you have all the fun.
✅  You just need to change the angle of the machine, shifting it up a little so it hits your better or down if it’s too high.our machine is very simple to adjust!