Adult Toys Cleaner Anti-Bacterial


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* Just cleaning your adult toys with water is not enough , to make it bacteria free clean it with this Original CROWN Adult Toys Cleaner Liquid spray

* How to Identify a genuine CROWN Product ? CROWN attaches an “Anti-copy GOLD PLATED METAL MONOGRAM” to all our products, This “Anti-copy Gold Plated Crown Monogram” proves that the products are CROWN genuine and are marketed exclusively by company YOGA CHAKRA HERBAL AYURVEDA

* Disinfectant Anti Bacterial Cleaning for vibrator, dildos, anal plugs, reusable Silicone Condoms, Reusable crustal condoms, Organ developer pumps and any other type of sex toy, Water based toy cleaner formulated with active cleaning agents to provide full cleaning action for Latex sex toys, Rubber sex toys, Plastic sex toys, Glass sex toys and Silicone sex toys.

* Alcohol free and Fragrance free with added ingredients to help preserve and increase the material life of you precious sex toy. Comes in a Big 100ml bottle, Makes your adult toys germs free 100ml Sex Toys Sanitizer will last for many months