Beginner’s Anal Kit, Flexible Jelly Butt Plug For Men And Women

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✅ A  crystal jelly butt plug that is ideal for beginners and is shaped to sit comfortably and fill you with satisfying pleasure.

✅ Super-smooth with a tapered tip, this first-time anal toy expertly stimulates your nerve endings to orgasmic effect. The soft, flexible, yet sturdy body of this anal sex toy is perfect for a satisfying anal and pussy experience.

✅ When you’re ready to try some anal masturbation or anal sex, a good place to start are with lowly butt plugs, or butt plug vibrators. washable and reusable, Here’s why: muscles and nerve endings near the anus are very, very sensitive and can give you some incredible sensations — when touched the right way. Maybe it’s because you’re playing in the neighborhood right next door to your genitals.

✅ Gently graduated, the Slimline Butt Buddy Butt Plug goes from just half an inch in diameter to a sensational 1 inch diameter at its widest point. No Side effects The slim 0.75 inch neck and flared base keeps this butt plug exactly where you want it, even during vigorous love-making!

✅ Always use with a generous squeeze of water-based anal lube for optimum pleasure.