Beginner’s Use Anal Butt Plug For men and women-Pink

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Material :Silicone

Color :Pink

Size : Image As Shown

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✅ Whether you’re a beginner in anal penetration or you’re climbing up the steps to anal glory, anal beads are best for any level of experience.

✅ It’s also the perfect sex toy to train your butt for much larger pieces like our extra large butt plugs or even fisting. Whatever your needs are, these beads will surely satisfy you.

✅ Pink Silicone Anal Beads Plug is made of high-quality medical-grade 100% silicone.

✅ The quality is ensured for your health and safety so that the only thing that you’ll be worrying about is how to control your urges when you put it in.

✅ The plugs are available in two different bead quantities: two beads and three beads.

✅ Those who are starting out can opt for the two-beaded plug which measures up to 9cm in length while the more advanced should go for the three-beaded plug which spans out up to 9.7cm.

✅ The widest bead of both sizes measures 2.3cm to really feel the intensity of each being swallowed up by your anus.