Buy MOI SEAL BREAKER Sex Pleasure Lubricant(50 Ml)

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✔ Pack of: 1
✔ Brand: moi
✔ Model Name: COOL
✔ Quantity: 50 ml
✔ Side Effect:No

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✅ Moi Seal Breaker Personal Lubricant is a water-based formulation which allows couples to enjoy a painless coital pleasure.

✅ A small quantity when applied over your genital will allow you to traverse along the erotic path of excitement.

✅ The thick, luscious and refreshing texture of Moi Seal Breaker personal lubricant will allow you both to experience heightened sensation during the act, as it will ease you into getting into the act without any hindrance.

✅ There is no stopping you and her and you both can experience ecstasy.