Gold crystal pyrex glass Anal butt plug For Unisex


Length: 95mm

Diameter: 30mm


Item Type :Anal sex toys


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✅ Anal intercourse is something that everyone can enjoy.

✅ The anal sphincter is a very sensitive part of the body that a little caress goes a long way.

✅ The 95mm  Semi-Pointed Slim Pyrex Golden Crystal Butt Plug is one toy that will upgrade your sex adventures.

✅ The toy is made of premium glass which helps in achieving that lusty heaviness that will bring that you to an awesome climax.

✅ Golden Glass is also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic so this will be a safe toy for those that are extra sensitive to certain materials.

✅ Also, glass has inherent smoothness to facilitate a very smooth insert inside the ass.


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