Natural MOI Sensual Personal Lube -50ml


Water-Based Lubricant
Condom Compatible

Easy to wash and no stains
Sensual stimulation
Edible lubricant
Natural Lubricant
Quantity 50 ml

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✅ Moi has brought a luscious and exquisite Sensual lubricant to uplift your intimate relationship and encounter quivering pleasure every time you make love.

✅ Moi Sensual Lubricant is usually smeared in and over the genitalia during or before the sexual intercourse.

✅ This Sensual lubricant will mitigate the Pussy dryness and help you enjoy the scintillating pain-free sexual intercourse with your honeybunch in bed.

✅ Consequently, the frictionless penetration with this Moi Sensual lube will skyrocket the stimulation and sensations for you both when you go to and from into her.