Pink Glass Crystal Anal Butt plug For Men and Women



Width:3.4 cm (1.34 in.)

Length:10.7 cm (4.1 in.)


Type:Glass Plugs and Anal Dildos

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✅ Pink Glass  plug features a dainty and elegant look.

✅ Each has a smooth exterior which is essential for easier insertion.

✅ The shortest anal plug has a tapered tip with a bulbous head.

✅ It also has a shorter handle near the flared base. The longest anal plug has a long tapered tip, a long handle, and a flared base.

✅ A glass butt plug can be a handful to beginners because of some of its properties.

✅ Glass is not pliable and a small mishap can cause serious perforations and trauma to the anal lining which in turn would lead to bleeding and discomfort.

✅ Applying a copious amount of lube to your device is ideal.

✅ Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate. It needs a little boost.

✅ For first-time users, it is best to prepare the anus by circling it with your finger.

✅ Then slowly, insert a finger inside. When you feel comfortable, start shoving the plug slowly into the anus.

✅ You will feel immediate satisfaction that can last for hours.

✅ Glass butt plugs can be worn for hours or even a day depending on your preference.

✅ Glass plugs are relatively easy to clean. Wash the plugs with warm water and use a mild soap.

✅ Rinse and wipe them with a dry cloth. It is also recommended to store them in a dry place.

✅ Glass plugs can be sterilized too, to prevent the spread of STDs.

✅ Train your sphincter muscles with our Pink Glass Crystal Butt Plug.

✅ This set lives up to its promise. It will prepare you for a great anal intercourse tonight.


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