Real Skin Jenna Girls Private Parts Vagina Mini cup Male Masturbator

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👉 Washable :Yes

👉 Vibration : No

👉 Reusable:Yes

👉 Material:Medical Silicone

👉 Side Effects:No

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✅ Jenna Male Masturbator Private Parts welcomes you to thrust your best inside of this tight, ultra-realistic vaginal sleeve.

✅ Jenna Pussy is well-known for her famous sex scenes. Now, you can make the sex scenes in your home, with your very Jenna Pocket Pussy replica sleeve. Molded after the famous porn star’s private parts, you will experience what it is like to please the leading lady.

✅ This toy is made of super-soft Cyberskin material that is stretchy, flexible, and durable. Singal-entry holes are present vaginal opening. One entries are tight and deep enough for you to experience wonderful stroking, thrusting action, plus they are lined with tiny ridges that will increase your pleasure.

✅ Without Vibration the toy, offering you a new form of stimulation…Non-vibration-driven masturbation.

✅ This porn star pocket pussy Jenna is a classic that every man should try. Designed with durability in mind, you will be able to experience your wildest, most erotic fantasies as your thrust your way toward greatness.


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