Ultra Realistic Black Penis Extender Sleeve For Men


✔ Color: BLACK
✔ 22 cm / 9″ length
✔ 4 cm / 1.6″ width
✔ 4 cm / 1.6″ extra penis length
✔ Material: Liquid silicone.
✔ Waterproof
✔ Realistic
✔ Provides extra penis length and prolonged erections
✔ Phthalate-free
✔ Grooves inside for extra stimulation
✔ Ball strap for extra security

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✅ Penis Extender Black Sleeve 9 Inches. Not only will it increase the size of your Dick, but it will also prolong your erections!

✅ Simply insert the penis into its comfortable, hollow shaft and pull the testicles through the base ring.

✅ The inside of the hollow shaft has exciting sensation nodes that provide an intensely pleasurable feeling.

✅ The natural look allows you to enact your deepest fantasies, while the soft material makes it super flexible but also firm and comfortable.

✅ Get deep internal stimulation from delightful contours and feel the lustfully enhanced veins for added realism and stimulation.

✅ Simulation Cock Sleeve Male Adult Pleasure Toy Sexual Stimulator Sex Massaging Toys for Men Couples.

✅ With a nice appearance and small size, convenient and portable.

✅ Bring a lot of fun to couples. Enhanced sex stimulation, increase pleasures, help get your climax.

✅ For individuals and couples to use, please keep hygiene before and after use.

✅ High quality and premium material for safe and repeated use.

✅ Soft and flexible.