USA Gold Maka Male Long Ejaculation Pills 1 Bottle (10 Pills)


Ingredients: 100% Natural

Side effects: No, if your face is red or stuffy, it’s just a feeling, normal and not a side effect.

 It may be new to use, the body is not familiar, or the user often takes a hot bath, after bathing, the temperature difference makes the body not able to balance the body temperature.

Packing: 6800mg x10

Expiry date: 3 years

Origin: USA

Subjects of use: Short penis, premature ejaculation, impotence, physiological weakness, poor kidney function, dilute sperm, weak semen, loss of libido or other physiological dysfunction

Suitable: Personal use, boss gifts, gifts for relatives, friends

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✅ Cuong Duong Gold Maka, known as the Golden Maka of the United States of America, is the leading product line for men’s physiological problems in the US.
✅ the product is double-sealed in a modern sterile environment, thoroughly researched to Released to the worldwide market.
✅ Gold Maka erection contains a large amount of natural herbs that provide optimal male vitality.
✅ improve premature ejaculation, improve long-term performance for men who are satisfied with more than 30 minutes of sex.