USA No.1 Naturally Goodman Pills For Men | 60 Capsules

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Take 1 capsule of Goodman sex pills 30mins prior to sexual activity.

Works best if taken 2hrs after a meal.

Effects could last 36-72hrs.

Take 2nd capsule 24hrs after 1st for best results.

Effects are normally active only when stimulated.

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 Goodman Capsule Results:
✅ Goodman enhances sexual desire or libido, and it enhances the intensity of the female orgasm.

✅ This powerful one-two punch to your sexual enjoyment is created by a delicately balanced synergy of 14 powerful clinically researched ingredients.

✅ Enhance feelings of passionate libido and sexual desire .

✅ The nutrient L-Histidine supports and enhances the female orgasm.

USA NO.1 Naturally GOODMAN sex pills Main raw material:
Shark catilage.panax.extra of ganoderma lucidum,Slycium, paeonia,suffrusticosa,vitamin c and liquoric root .

✅ Only one capsule taken as little as 45 minutes prior to sexual activity delivers amazing results!

✅ Don’t worry about timing intimate encounters because Goodman provides up to 24 hours of sustained performance enhancement.


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